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About the Sisters of Our Lady of Grace Monastery

Our Mission Statement


Seeking God in everyone and everything we, Sisters of St. Benedict of Our Lady of Grace Monastery, live in community founded on prayer, work and hospitality.


Our Life Together


We follow the Rule of St. Benedict living a balanced life of prayer, ministry (service) and living together as Roman Catholic Sisters seeking God together. Our prayer life consists of the Liturgy of the Hours, daily Mass and lectio divina for personal prayer.  We serve in a variety of ministries including care for the elderly, hosting individuals and groups in our retreat house, offering spiritual programs, teaching, parish ministry, serving the poor and journeying with our guests as they seek God in their lives.   For St. Benedict, living in community, sharing life together is an integral part of his spirituality. As followers of St. Benedict, we treasure our life together, serving God’s people and enjoying fun times together as well.


Our History


Benedictine Sisters came to America following the German immigrant population as they moved West. The first women settled in Pennsylvania and from there founded Benedictine monasteries in Kentucky and southern Indiana. Our Lady of Grace Monastery was founded directly from the Ferdinand Benedictines at the prompting of Archbishop Paul Schulte. It was his desire to have a home for the elderly in the Archdiocese of Indianapolis. He approached the Ferdinand sisters with the prospect of staffing such a facility. That ministry continues to this day at St. Paul Hermitage Retirement and Nursing Care facility on the grounds of the monastery property. Attached to the monastery building is the Benedict Inn Retreat Center which hosts thousands of people annually for programs focused on women, families and spiritual growth. The Benedict Inn fulfills the sisters ongoing commitment to education.